Sound Production, Live Performace
Dame Music, Cocoon Rec, Pro-Tez, Schönbrunner Perlen

“Whatever it is
That comes in between
I gotta stick with you ‘Cause I feel it too You are my point of view!”
Within these five lines lay the foundation of a unique constellation of sounds: Komaton

Flex Vienna, 2012

What is this production duo about, on tape or experienced live? Short and sweet, compact but beautiful: getting those grand human emotions and desires onto a record and making them perceptible by the listener, using polished songwriting and delicate arrangements, always steadily supported by forward-driving beat sequences. KOMATON uses electronic production not as an end unto itself, but to craft melodic interplay and an expression of personality – sometimes with vocals – weaving a dark pop edge into contemporary clubs.

But the real KOMATON experience happens when they take the stage themelves. Their live act is electronic entertainment bolstered with singing and electric guitar as well as spontaneous effects that engage directly with open-minded listeners and dancers – always in touch and on a level playing field with the audience.

Urban Art Forms Festival, 2010 Wiesen
Ars Electronica Festival, Linz 2010
©️ Thomas Unterberger

KOMATON’s entry into the public eye was with Cocoon Compilation J released in summer 2010. Their track, titled “Sick” (earlier know as “In Between”), was played and charted by a plethora of DJs. With its authentic vocal delivery and memorable lyrics, it was considered one of the compilation’s highlights – and that’s saying quite a lot, considering KOMATON were relative unknowns amongst a tracklist that included DJ Koze, Ricardo Villalobos and Pantha du Prince. “Sick” was even voted #9 by Groove magazine’s 2010 readers’ poll. The duo soon followed up with their proper debut release, the Corrupt EP on Merkesdir Records, with more material set for release on SCSI-9’s Pro-Tez Records and Bloody Mary’s imprint Dame-Music.